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摘要:2020年4月22日,澳大利亚非政府组织Market Forces发布一项研究显示,汇丰银行(HSBC)持有大量新建燃煤电厂公司的股权,这些电厂的年排放量相当于英国37年温室气体排放量的总和。

2020年4月22日,澳大利亚非政府组织Market Forces发布一项研究显示,汇丰银行(HSBC)持有大量新建燃煤电厂公司的股权,这些电厂的年排放量相当于英国37年温室气体排放量的总和。HSBC holds ownership stakes in companies building new coal power stations that would produce the equivalent of 37 years’ worth of the United Kingdom’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new study released today.
该报告调查了汇丰对全球最大煤厂开发商的投资程度,发现在全球33家最大的公开上市的新燃煤电厂的开发商中,汇丰持有其中18家的头寸。这些公司正在14个国家建设超过80吉瓦的新煤电产能,其中42吉瓦已经在建设中,此举破坏了《巴黎协定》目标的实现。Environmental finance watchdog Market Forces examined the extent to which HSBC is invested in the world’s largest coal plant developers. It found HSBC held positions in eighteen out of thirty-three of the world’s largest publicly-listed developers of new coal power stations. These companies are in the process of building over 80 gigawatts of new coal power capacity in fourteen countries, 42 gigawatts of which is already under construction, undermining the goals of the Paris climate change agreement.
“汇丰银行一直是对《巴黎协议》持赞赏态度的银行之一,并声称其业务将支持该协议目标的实现。但现实是,通过企业贷款、债券、承销和机构投资,汇丰银行在煤炭行业有着良好而真实的根基。” Market Forces执行董事朱利安•文森特(Julien Vincent)表示。“HSBC has been part of the chorus of banks to laud the Paris Agreement and claim its business will support the Agreement's goals. But the reality is through corporate loans, bonds, underwriting and institutional investment, HSBC is well and truly embedded in the coal industry”, said Market Forces Executive Director Julien Vincent.